Voipeador for Android

1) Download and install the MOBYX application. It’s free!


2) Open the application. If you have the QR code, scan the code from the mobile device and the application will be immediately configured to call and receive calls.

3) If you do not have QR code and you received the voip account LOGIN and PASSWORD, you must manually enter the “account ID” in this format:


where LOGIN is the login account number you received. In the passwod box, you must place the password or password as you received it, respecting uppercase letters.

If you still do not have a VOIPEADOR account Hablaporinternet, you could create a FREE here!


The procedure to create the FREE VOIPEADOR account has changed since June 2016:

1) Please visit the following link:

2) Click on the Red “Add to cart” button.
3) Complete the “Billing details” form, check the options “Create an account?”, “FREE Order $0 cost” and “I´ve read terms & conditions”. Finally click on “PLACE ORDER”
4) Please check your email box with order confirmation. The VOIPEADOR account and software will be delivered by email within next 24 hours after You complete the order. Please check the spam folder in case you do not find any message.