Web Callback «telefonoatelefono.com»

Callback web is a service where a person can enter his or her telephone number in a form on a web site (http://www.telefonoatelefono.com) and the destination phone number that he or she wants to reach.

Hablaporinternet will then receive the Web callback request and the system will call the person who made the request back on the number they entered. As soon he or she answer, the system will dial to destination number and connect both calls legs.

During the voice communication there is no need of any internet connection so the call quality is excellent.

The origination party (callback account owner) do not need a fast internet connection; because he or she only has to load a simple web page to generates calls.

For example a caller party with a smartphone with poor internet connection (2G or 3G), could load a simple web page (www.telefonoatelefono.com) and request the callback. That person would not waste any data of his/her internet plan.