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Why take a Free VOIPEADOR account?

- You receive a FREE VOIPEADOR account and software in order to make / receive calls to / from fixed or mobile phones.

- FREE Unlimited Calls between users and free calls to fixed and mobile for testing.

- Direct PREMIUM CLI routes and high audio quality, ideal for companies, people, call center and telephone booths

- You also will receive: voice mail, call forwarding, follow me or follow-me, private phone number in order to receive calls from fixed or mobile, auto attendant, PC application, Android or iOS (iPhone) App.

- Optionally you can add services such as DID numbers, Virtual Office, automatic recording of incoming or outgoing calls, IP-PBX, IVR, calling card, Pinless, Mass SMS, among others.

- The portfolio of Products and Services Hablaporinternet includes platforms:,,,,

- You will receive Free Professional consulting for your business via telephone, chat or email.

- By registering in a MLM Compensation Plan of "" You can monetize important money and just sharing your experience with your friends or family.