How to create an account? There are several accounts. So You have to order the account as per the service you want to use. Corporation has many services platforms. Each one of them has its own credentials for self-management. It means you get a different login/password pair for each platform you want to use.

Click Here to Select type of Account
Voipeador es a voip account under ip telephony customer account by Hablaporinternet


  1. Please go to eShop and order for free the VOIPEADOR item:
  2. Click on red button: “Add to Car”.
  3. Complete the “Billing details” form, check the options “Create an account?”, “FREE Order $0 cost” and “I´ve read terms & conditions”. Finally click on “PLACE ORDER”
  4. Please check your email box with order confirmation. The VOIPEADOR account and software will be delivered by email within next 24 hours after You complete the order. Please check the spam folder in case you do not find any message.

IMPORTANT: The account for “shopping” is different than VOIPEADOR account.