How to receive calls?

Please follow the steps:

  1. In which country is located your friend that wants to call you?
  2. Please search below for the access phone number.
  3. Provide to your friend the access phone number and your VOIPEADOR number
  4. You friend should call the access phone number first, and enter your VOIPEADOR number. The system would connect that call to your VOIPEADOR account.
  5. You could receive the calls for free by using internet connection and the softphone for PC, smartphone or tablet.
  6. If you do not have good internet connection or there is not any permanent connection, you should activate the included “follow-me” service in your voipeador account. The “follow me” feature allow you to answer the calls in your traditional fixed or mobile line.

Access Numbers:

From the United States
Miami Florida:

From the United States
Palo Alto California:

From Colombia

From Panamá
Panamá City:

From Chile

From México
México DF City:

From Argentina
Buenos Aires:

From Venezuela

From Spain

From Perú

From Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo:

  • When you have an internet connection, you receive calls by using an smartphone or tablet with softphone application. All incoming calls are free of charge and unlimited.
  • We suggest to setup the “call forwarding” service in order to receive calls when you do not have internet connection. So You will not lose incoming calls and could receive calls in your traditional fixed or mobile line.
  • Please share your experience with friends and family. They could take a free voipedor account as well, and call you for free. All voice calls between voipeador users are always free and unlimited.