As of March 1, 2019, a new way to charge periodic or subscription services.

– The “” platform, known as telephony platform, will be the main CUSTOMER account. This account will always receive all payments and it is considered like a “money bag” from which you can activate or renew all products and or services from Hablaporinternet.

– All customers will receive an “Invoice” or “Statement” on the first day each month.

– If you do not use periodic or subscription services, consider those “Invoices” as information only.

– If you use periodic or subscription services such DIDs, Toll-Free, Plans or Packages; You should review that invoice and see if there is any service with pending payment (Outstanding Balance). Although all services are prepaid, there may be outstanding payments due to the cutoff date of the billing system.

– The “Invoices” or “Statements of Account” are delivered the first day of each month to your email. If you do not receive it, please contact our Help Center.

– If there is an outstanding amount, you will have until the 3rd of the month to add money to your account and cover that amount. That date is called “Due Date”.

– The billing system will debit the Customer account on the first day each month. You just need to make sure to have enough available money in your customer account. You can recharge or top-up the customer account at any time. Current balance does not expire.

– The “Invoice” or “Statements” are sent the first day of each month and your payment deadline is day 3. If you do not have available money in your account, the system will inform via email so you can add the missing money. If you wait more than 4 days without paying, the system will &