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Hablaporinternet.com Corporation provides many service platforms. Each one has its own credentials for self-management. It means you get a different login/password pair for each platform you want to use.

Main Account for Shopping

You need this Account for ordering any Hablaporinternet product or service. So you will receive an invoice after each order. Also could receive discounts and gifts. This is the main account You must open.

Register to E-Shop

Telephony Customer Account

To create a voip account you have to order it from our e-shop. This is FREE. After You complete the order, You will receive an email message with your customer account and one extension (voipeador sip trunk). You could ask for more extensions at any time. All the extensions share the main balance of Customer account.

Order FREE Telephony Account

CallShop Account

The optional Callshop module has cost of USD$1.5 per month and per booth.

You could order it here. You would receive the callshop account, initial balance of usd$10 and you could ask support for additional booths as you need.

Order a CallShop Account

Bulk SMS Account

Order a “centrodemensajes.com” account and You could send bulk SMS or single SMS.  You would receive the login/password credentials for use the control panel at “www.centrodemensajes.com” and initial balance of USD$10.

Order a Bulk SMS Account

DID and Toll-Free Account

“minumerotelefonico.com” is the self-management platform for DIDs and Toll-Free. Use this account if you have your own voip server or you are reseller of many voip providers.

We suggest first to buy the DID or Toll-Free by using our eshop and after you could ask for login/password credentials to use in “minumerotelefonico” platform.

Order a DID or Toll-Free

Web Solutions Account

Our web solutions platform “www.paginapagina.com” allow you to buy and full management of domain names, hosting plans, SSL certificates, and many services to build or resell professional web sites.

Create a PaginaPagina Account

Distributor Account

Get a Distributor platform and receive initial training and support. You would sell products and services with the public list price and you will receive a sales commision.

Order a Distributor Plan

Reseller Account

Get a Reseller Account and receive initial training and support. You would sell products and services with your own price lists. In addition You receive overcharge when you add money to your main account.

Order a Reseller Plan

Referral Account

Join our Referral Program and earn money without any additional work. You receive free training to know and test the Hablaporinternet portfolio. After You could tell your experience to your friends and relatives. You receive money every time they make a payment to Hablaporinternet.

Order a Referral Account