How to add money to Hablaporinternet accounts 2017-08-05T17:28:38+00:00

Please select a payment option to add money to any Hablaporinternet customer account.

Remember: is still the main place to buy services, however You could use the following payment buttons when you do not have time or want to avoid the long checkout process. We would identify your account by using the email address you put during the payment.

The payment will be automatic. If you need to apply that payment to another customer account, please send instructions to  and we will move the money.

In case You need to use the money in another platform like “”, “”, “”, please send authorization to You could ask to move any amount of money above of USD$10. 

Amazon Pay allows you to use the payment methods that you already use on

Pay with Amazon account

Click here to send a pre-defined amount of money. If you need to pay an exact amount, please order from our E-shop. Amazon account is free and allows secure payments with credit cards.

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Pay with your PayPal balance, Credit cards or bank account


Click here to send an exact amount or pre-defined amount of money quickly. account is free and allows secure payments with credit cards.

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Pay with Credit Cards, PSE or print an invoice to pay in cash

by PayU

Use this option to send pre-defined amounts of money only. If you need to send an exact amount, please order from our E-shop.

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Send a wire transfer to Ocean Bank in Miami, Florida, the USA.

Wire Transfer

Send a wire transfer from any bank in the world. We will provide the banking account details of Corporation
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See the Local payments options. Pay in Cash.


Please tell Us your city or country and we will send by email the instructions.

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I have already paid in cash or wire transfer

Online payments are automatically applied, but cash or offline payments have to be notified

How to notify offline payments

After You make the cash payment or wire transfer, please send a photo or receipt.