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Distributor Plan

Join to Distributors team and make money from telecommunications market. Sell Voip accounts, calling cards, pin-less, vouchers, recharge accounts, top-up mobile phones, DID, Toll-Free, Cloud IP-PBX, virtual office, web hosting, domain names, and much more…

When you order the new Distributor Plan, you will receive:

  • Web platform for self-management of voip accounts, recharge, top-up traditional mobile lines in more than 100 countries, calling cards, pin-less accounts and vouchers
  • 10% sales commision for all services with exception of top-up mobiles transactions which receive 3% sales commision.
  • Priority support and consultancy for activation of additional services: DID, Toll-Free, Virtual Office Cloud IP-PBX, Bulk SMS, web solutions

Available, get it now online!

Join our Distributor team now. After You complete the order please let Us know the desired timeframe for initial training…

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Distributor F.A.Q.

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I would like to use and resell web hosting solutions, what do I need?2017-08-19T23:07:53-05:00

If you want to use web hosting solutions, You only have to move at least USD$10 to your account in “” platform.

If you want to get your own web solutions platform with your own logo and brand name, you have to move at least USD$100 and ask support for Web Solutions Reseller configuration.

Can I resell cloud IP-PBX systems to my customers?2017-08-19T22:59:03-05:00

Yes. Distributors should ask support for Hosted IP-PBX accounts and configuration. VoIP Resellers could ask for support or training for self-management.

Can I have a Bulk SMS Reseller platform?2017-08-19T22:44:39-05:00

Yes. If You are already a Distributor or VoIP Reseller, you could ask for the new Bulk SMS Reseller Platform by moving at least USD$10. You must have or buy a domain name for the Bulk SMS Reseller Platform.

If You are not Distributor or VoIP Reseller, you have to recharge at least USD$100 to open a Bulk SMS Reseller Platform. Also You must have or buy a domain name for the Bulk SMS Reseller Platform.

Can I use the “” platform to send bulk SMS messages?2017-08-19T22:32:59-05:00

Yes. Any Hablaporinternet customer could ask for opening a bulk SMS account in “” platform. The unique requirement is that you have to move at least USD$10 to the new bulk SMS account.

Can I buy DID or Toll-Free and link them to my customers accounts?2017-08-19T22:25:03-05:00

Yes. You can buy DIDs or Toll-Frees from Hablaporinternet or from another ITSP DID provider…

As a Distributor can I activate the callshop module for my customers?2017-08-19T22:13:04-05:00

No. There is not any automatic option to activate callshop module for your existing customers. However You could ask support for moving customers to external account with callshop module enabled. We would move the money from Distributor account to callshop account.

As a Distributor, can I use different voip termination companies?2017-08-19T21:59:48-05:00

As per default, the Distributor Plan works with Hablaporinternet voip termination only. However we are flexible and you could ask for a proposal to upgrade your system to an independent platform.

Using the Distributor panel, can I add money to “telefonoatelefono” accounts?2017-08-19T21:42:38-05:00

No, from the Distributor panel there is not that automatic option yet. However you could ask support team for “telefonoatelefono” new accounts or recharge them. We would move money from your Distributor balance to the “telefonoatelefono” account.

As a Distributor, can I send money to traditional mobile lines (top-up)?2017-08-19T21:20:46-05:00

Yes, you could recharge (top-up) traditional mobile lines in more than 100 countries. It is an automatic option by using your Distributor web panel.

If I am Distributor, what would it be the prices for my customers?2017-08-19T19:21:53-05:00

As a Distributor, You have to sell to the official Hablaporinternet pricing. The “hablaporinternet” websites shows the price lists and services scope.

If You need to offer different voip price lists, have different currencies for end-users or create your own value added services pricing; we suggest to take the Reseller Plan instead of Distributor Plan.

Can I have my own softphone application with my logo, colors and b