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Reseller Plan

Get a complete reseller platform, redundant, secure, full supported and flexible.

There are many Reseller VoIP programs, but few of them are offering a complete and integrated portafolio.

Our Reseller Plan help You to resell and combine the whole Hablaporinternet.com Portfolio in order to run business in IP Telephone (voip), SMS, web hosting solutions. Also there will be more platforms like WiFi/Internet access control and billing, IPTV, soon.

You will be able to sell:

  • Premium Quality with direct CLI routes
  • SIP trunk for simultaneous calls
  • VoIP personal accounts
  • DID
  • Toll-Free
  • Clould IP-PBX
  • Virtual Office
  • Call recording
  • VoiceMail to Email
  • Bulk SMS
  • Calling Cards
  • Vouchers (PIN for auto recharge)
  • Pin-Less accounts
  • Callshop
  • Web Call Back (telefonoatelefono accounts)
  • Click to call
  • IVR
  • Web Hosting solutions
  • Class 5 features
  • Softphone for PC or mobile devices

We do not use open source or asterisk based servers. Our platforms are full licensed and supported, so do not worry about service outages, security risks, or failures.

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Reseller F.A.Q.

Search Documentation, Knowledgebase And Watch Videos To Find Answers

I would like to use and resell web hosting solutions, what do I need?2017-08-19T23:07:53-05:00

If you want to use web hosting solutions, You only have to move at least USD$10 to your account in “www.paginapagina.com” platform.

If you want to get your own web solutions platform with your own logo and brand name, you have to move at least USD$100 and ask support for Web Solutions Reseller configuration.

Can I resell cloud IP-PBX systems to my customers?2017-08-19T22:59:03-05:00

Yes. Distributors should ask support for Hosted IP-PBX accounts and configuration. VoIP Resellers could ask for support or training for self-management.

Can I have a Bulk SMS Reseller platform?2017-08-19T22:44:39-05:00

Yes. If You are already a Distributor or VoIP Reseller, you could ask for the new Bulk SMS Reseller Platform by moving at least USD$10. You must have or buy a domain name for the Bulk SMS Reseller Platform.

If You are not Distributor or VoIP Reseller, you have to recharge at least USD$100 to open a Bulk SMS Reseller Platform. Also You must have or buy a domain name for the Bulk SMS Reseller Platform.

Can I use the “centrodemensajes.com” platform to send bulk SMS messages?2017-08-19T22:32:59-05:00

Yes. Any Hablaporinternet customer could ask for opening a bulk SMS account in “centrodemensajes.com” platform. The unique requirement is that you have to move at least USD$10 to the new bulk SMS account.

Can I buy DID or Toll-Free and link them to my customers accounts?2017-08-19T22:25:03-05:00

Yes. You can buy DIDs or Toll-Frees from Hablaporinternet or from another ITSP DID provider…

As a Reseller can I activate the callshop module for my customers?2017-08-19T22:19:47-05:00

Yes. You can activate the callshop module for your customers. Also you could recharge those accounts at any time for any amount you desire.

As a Reseller, can I use different voip termination companies?2017-08-19T22:05:29-05:00

As per default, the Reseller Plan works with Hablaporinternet voip termination only. However we are flexible and you could ask for a proposal to upgrade your system to an independent platform.

Using the Reseller panel, can I add money to “telefonoatelefono” accounts?2017-10-17T10:28:31-05:00

Yes. From the Reseller web portal, you could create or recharge “telefonoatelefono” accounts. Please ask for training about this accounts management.

As a Reseller, can I send money to traditional mobile lines (top-up)?2017-08-19T21:31:46-05:00

No, the option has not been integrated in the Reseller web panel yet. However You could ask for an independent balance customer account in order to be able to recharge regular mobile lines in more than 100 countries.

If I am Reseller, what would it be the prices for my customers?2017-08-19T19:31:27-05:00

As a Reseller, at the beginning You receive the platform with the same official rates of Hablaporinternet. However You could change or add your own price list.

If You do not to work in rates changes maintenance or when you do not want to be worried about price changes, we suggest to use the Distributor Plan instead of Reseller Plan.

Can I have my own softphone application with my logo, colors and brand name?2017-08-19T19:11:10-05:00

Yes. We could develop a custom softphone application for mobile devices and/or PC. Please contact Us to send a quotation.

If I am a Distributor or Reseller, who is the responsible to receive the payments of my customers?2017-08-19T17:57:26-05:00

You! So you should have payment options for your customers.

If I am Reseller, who would it be the responsible to help and support my customers?2017-08-19T17:48:04-05:00

If You are using your own domain name and logo, You have to support and help your customers. They will not know about Hablaporinternet.

But if you decide to keep using the default “hablaporinternet” brand name, we could take care of support and help your customers.

With my Reseller account what is my basic profit over sales?2017-08-14T22:05:17-05:00

As a Reseller you earn money in many different ways:

  1. You could add your own voip rates for your end-users and put the price per minute that you want.
  2. Every time you buy a recharge for your reseller account, you receive 10% as overcharge. For example you pay USD$100 and receive USD$110 in your Reseller balance.
  3. When you pay services which are not managed by the Reseller web portal. You could ask support for 10% as overcharge in your Reseller balance.
What is the maintenance cost of Reseller platform?2017-08-14T21:24:09-05:00

USD$10 per month. The system charges your Reseller account for USD$10 in a prepaid basis per month.

What is the minimum amount of money I can add to my Reseller account?2018-03-02T13:55:28-05:00

You can send any amount of money above USD$10. However, as a Reseller you receive 10% over-charge when the payment is more than USD$100.

The balance does not have any expiration date.

As a Reseller can I receive free training?2017-08-14T20:31:14-05:00

Yes. As a Reseller you could ask for free training. Until two hours per month, free of charge.

Will I get the softphone applications for PC, smartphone and tablets?2017-08-14T19:15:09-05:00

Yes. You could provide to your end-users the application for computer, smartphone and tablet. Also you could use any standard voip SIP application in the market.

How much money can I use after the first payment ?2017-08-14T19:00:42-05:00

You can use the total amount of your Distributor or Reseller account balance.

Can I have my business name or domain name in the windows softphone?2017-08-14T09:02:59-05:00

Yes. Distributors and Resellers could ask for it.

Can I have my own domain name and SSL certificate for my customers self-management?2017-08-14T08:35:50-05:00

Yes, you could pay USD$50 per year and get a domain name (.com, .net, .org) and a SSL certificate. When you buy it from Hablaporinternet, we would install and setup them for free. In case you get the domain name and SSL certificate from another provider, you would have to pay USD$30 per year, to cover the setup and integration service and provide full access to domain/SSL management portal.

How much do I have to invest to get a Reseller Platform?2018-03-02T14:02:04-05:00

$100 US Dollars the first time. You receive the Reseller Platform with initial balance of USD$100 to use. After that you could recharge at any time; minimum USD$10 each time. The balance does not have expiration date. You will receive 10% overcharge when the payment is above 100 dollars.

You accept a prepaid subscription cost of USD$10 per month. This is a maintenance cost for using the Reseller Platform, training and receive a profit of 10% of complete Hablaporinternet portfolio* as overcharge to your reseller balance.

* Except the top-up or regular mobile recharges, which have 3% overcharge only.

Do you offer self-service portals for my end users?2017-08-14T08:17:47-05:00

Yes. Hablaporinternet offers you the capability to have a branded, customizable portal for your users, your own domain name, to perform a variety of self-service functions such as reviewing real-time call details, current balance and other features.