Rechargeable Calling Card 10 usd


The new Phone Card or Rechargeable Calling Card allow You to make international, domestic or mobile calls around the world. You do not need internet connection to make a call. There are not expiration dates or obligations.


Calling cards are a prepaid method for making long distance (mobile, domestic or international) calls. By using a calling card, you save money on your long-distance phone bill. There are no monthly bills, no detailed statements, and no hassles.

Why should You use a calling card?

–          They are much cheaper than long distance providers.

–          They are cheaper than your local phone company. They are cheaper than collect calls and operator assisted calls.

–          You can budget your long distance calling costs.

–          There are no monthly bills, and no detailed statements. Rather, you simply pay for the calling time in advance and reduce the prepaid balance as you make calls.

–          There are not maintenance or hidden fees.

–          When you do not have internet access you could make a free call to Toll-Free access number or to local access number (DID), from payphones or from your hotel room, for instance.


How do these cards work?

It’s really very simple. Each card has an 800 number or a local access number. It also has a “PIN” or account number. Just dial the 800 number or the local access number, enter your “PIN” number, then you’ll be prompted to enter the phone number that you’re calling.


Can I use my Calling Card from any phone?

Yes. Our calling cards works from any phone; Home, Cell Phone, Office, Dorm, Payphone, Hotels, etc.

• No need to pay so much money to your cellular provider for making international calls, when you can use our Calling Cards with your Cellular phone.

• No need to pay high rates at hotels for making domestic and international calls, use our Calling Cards and save up to 90%


Do I need a long distance carrier on my phone to use Calling Cards?

No. Normally our Calling Cards comes with a toll free (800) number or local access number that can be dialed from any phone for free.


When I dial from a cell phone, is there an extra fee?

No extra fees from the Calling Card carrier. Although, you will be using your airtime minutes on your cell phone. You will be charged from your cellular provider for your airtime according to your plan. In addition, please note that using the local access numbers might have local charges if you dialed a local access number that is outside of your immediate local area. If you are not sure which local access number to use, please check with our customer service representatives or call your phone provider (local company, wireless carrier).


What does “local access” mean?

Local access means that instead of using a toll free number to dial into our system to place a call, you dial a local number in your area code. Many of our Calling Cards have local access numbers. If your Calling Card offers local access please use a local access number to get the most minutes possible out of your card. If a local access number is not available in your city, you can also use our toll free number.


Can I make local calls with your card?

Yes. All cards can be used to make local, regional, state-to-state and international calls to anywhere in the world. Rates for all destinations are available with every card. Please dial always the country code + destination number.


Do rates differ depending on the time of day or the day of the week?

No. Our Calling Cards have the same great rates 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


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