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Get a Direct Inward Dialing (DID) access number (sometimes referred to as a virtual number).

This is a prepaid monthly service. You get a local telephone number for a particular country or city, and a voipeador SIP trunk account with multiple value-added services.

You could receive the incoming calls in your PC, tablet or smartphone. Also, it is possible to forward those calls to any traditional fixed or mobile line around the world.

Use your DID(s) with our Hablaporinternet virtual office cloud IP-PBX service, and play IVR welcome message and forward the calls to extensions, hunt groups, voicemail, follow-me and much more.

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The benefits of using DID numbers include:

  1. International and long distance telephone calls are made with the caller only paying local call rates. For example, your family lives in Bogota, Colombia but you live in London, England. You would like your family to be able to phone you, but the long-distance rates from Colombia are very costly. If you purchase a Bogota DID, anyone dialing that local number in Colombia would connect to your phone in London, but they would pay only local phone rates.
  2. You can add telephone numbers to your phone line so that you are no longer restricted to one telephone number per line. For example, you live in London, England but you have family in Bogota, USA and Beijing. So if you purchase DIDs for Bogota, USA and Beijing, then anyone dialing those local numbers would connect to your phone in London.
  3. Conventional telephone calls may be terminated at non-PSTN devices if desired, such as VoIP. This has particular relevance for VoIP communications, as it allows people connected to the traditional PSTN network to call people connected to VoIP networks.
  4. There are many additional uses for local DID numbers. For example, consider the issue of privacy. If users place classified advertisements in a newspaper and they wish prospective buyers to contact them without publishing their own, private telephone number, a temporary local number could be provided to the newspaper o advertising company.
  5. When you buy a DID phone number, you receive many value added services which allows many call flow scenarios and applications. Please ask for more information…


  • Remember there is not any obligations to keep the DID phone number. The system sends email notification messages before the expiration date, so you could add money to your customer account and the system would renew the service automatically.
  • If you do not want to use the DID service anymore, then you must contact Us in order to avoid the automatic charge of another monthly service.
  • If your customer account does not have enough money to renew the service, then the system will expire the DID and you will have lost the DID phone number.
  • If you have in mind to use the DID service for a longtime, we suggest paying in advance many months and receive benefits like discounts or coupons for instance.



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