Spain Virtual Office Cloud IP-PBX unlimited extensions

$26.50 $2.79

Prepaid service per month. There is not any setup fee.

Just before to order the current item, please make sure the availability of the DID phone number. Please go to “” and select the desired country in the left column. The system would display the available locations and area codes. Please use the section “Additional Information” below to write the desired location, city or area code of the DID phone number.

You will get an amazing business phone system that works exactly like you would expect it to. But it’s virtual. All you need is an Internet connection. Meanwhile, we own and manage all the virtual PBX equipment, software, and upgrades behind the scenes so you do not have to worry about technical stuff.


Within next 6 labours hours after you complete the order, You will receive several email messages with your self-management account and detailed instructions.

You will find an email message asking for you phone number/chat and suitable time to receive a call or chat from our engineers. So we will listen to You and understand your needs. Our engineers will design and deploy the IP-PBX call-flow and features for you.

Our team will take care of the initial setup and whole configuration. You only have to tell Us how you would like to receive the calls and examples of what you need. If you want to setup up the system by yourself, you will need to arrange a training session (30 minutes free) or read documentation. With your first service order we suggest to allow our team setup the system for You without any charge; and after you could ask for the training or see online videos and documentation to make changes.

If You want to use IVR welcome messages or announcements, please send the audio files to Send the files in an windows audio format like .wav or .mp3.

The current offer does not include professional audio recording but you could ask for a quotation of recording services, by sending the text messages you would like to record, language(s) and male/female preference.

Fair Usage Policy:

Subject to this fair usage policy, there are limits on the number of free consultancy assistency for re-design or changes in your cloud IP-PBX system.

We always delivery a free support and consultancy to design, deploy or make changes to your Service. However there are some limitations and clarifications for the Virtual Office IP-PBX:

– You could ask for one configuration change per month and we do that for you without any charge. Additional re-design or configuration changes will require a payment of USD$10 each time.

– If You want to learn how to apply changes by your-self, you could ask for training (30 minutes). This first session training is free only one time per customer. Additional sessions training are available with cost of USD$30 per 30 minutes.

In order to avoid charges, we sugges to to have clear your needs and expected call-flow and IP-PBX behaviour. Also please check our knowledge base, FAQ and tutorial videos.

Our technical support is always free and available all the time, for fix any error or system failure without any cost (emergencies).

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