Bulk SMS Reseller Platform own logo brand and domain name

$150.00 $100.00

Order this Reseller Bulk SMS Platform and get web access to manage your customers, recharge them and also you could send bulk SMS messages or single SMS Text messages. Setup your business name, domain name and own logo. Your master account will get 100 dollars balance and are completely available for your customers or business.


Reseller SMS Bulk platform

Order this item to take a Reseller SMS Bulk platform. You can create customers and add credit to them in your local currency. The self-management website will have your business name, domain name, logo and brand. The 100 dollars are completely available for your customers or business.

When your customers send messages, your reseller balance will decrease. So you could add money to your customers as much as you want.

With the Reseller SMS platform you have to setup a general margin percentage. In this way the system automatically adjusts the sale rates for all your customers.

ATTENTION: Your Reseller platform will be operational only when your domain name be configured with the IP address we will give you. In case you do not have a domain name or subdomain, we could provide one for you with additional cost. In that case please search for an available domain in https://www.paginapagina.com which is our web solutions platform.

Hablaporinternet.com corporation offers several platforms of value-added services in information technology and telecommunications. Each platform provides independent user accounts; therefore, when you send money, you must indicate which platform to apply that payment. By default, all payments are applied to the IP telephony customer account. You can request to move money between your accounts at any time (minimum USD $ 10).

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