Solutions for Internet Service Providers

Internet Service Providers could use the Hablaporinternet Cloud Solution for easy and fast billing and control of WiFi hotspots, broadband internet access, prepaid wifi service, ADSL, Cable Modem, WiMax, etc.

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1. Prepaid WiFi Services

Prepaid WiFi services enable Internet telephony service providers (ITSP) to offer wireless access services that customers can pay for in advance.

The market for prepaid services includes tourists, immigrant communities, mobile populations such as military personnel, and people with limited credit histories. These users can all gain immediate access to WiFi services at key locations such as hotels, cafes by using prepaid WiFi cards (“vouchers” or “access codes”) purchased at supermarkets, online shops and other types of retail outlets. Prepaid WiFi access is a “purchase” transaction – so, at the moment of the authorization, the funds are withdrawn from the account and converted into the WiFi access time.

Typical Prepaid WiFi Service Scenario

In Internet Service Providers, the network infrastructure, prepaid services are implemented through a debit card application and work in conjunction with the following:

  • WiFi router* or any device that allows you to use custom RADIUS authentication and accounting
  • Hablaporinternet prepaid wifi service cloud solution

This combination of services enables you to authorize prepaid WiFi access and debit individual user accounts in real time.

Customer interaction:

  • Customer selects the WiFi network
  • Customer clicks “Connect”
  • Customer opens web browser
  • Customer opens WiFi gateway authorization page
  • Customer enters the login and password