What is a DID ?

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) access numbers or “Virtual Phone Numbers”

A DID number (sometimes referred to as a virtual number) is a local telephone number for any particular country or city. These numbers can then forwarded to a regular PSTN telephone, Mobile phone, Voice over IP (VoIP), or Google Talk anywhere in the world.

Typically, a DID is used to provide local telephone numbers for customers worldwide, or to provide local access from regular telephones to non-PSTN destinations such as VoIP.

The benefits of using DID numbers include:

  1. International and long distance telephone calls are made with the caller only paying local call rates. For example, your family lives in Bogota, Colombia but you live in London, England. You would like your family to be able to phone you, but the long-distance rates from Colombia are very costly. If you purchase a Bogota DID, anyone dialing that local number in Colombia would connect to your phone in London, but they would pay only local phone rates.
  2. You can add telephone numbers to your phone line so that you are no longer restricted to one telephone number per line. For example, you live in London, England but you have family in Bogota, USA and Beijing. So if you purchase DIDs for Bogota, USA and Beijing, then anyone dialing those local numbers would connect to your phone in London.
  3. Conventional telephone calls may be terminated at non-PSTN devices if desired, such as VoIP. This has particular relevance for VoIP communications, as it allows people connected to the traditional PSTN network to call people connected to VoIP networks.
  4. There are many additional uses for local DID numbers. For example, consider the issue of privacy. If users place classified advertisements in a newspaper and they wish prospective buyers to contact them without publishing their own, private telephone number, a temporary local number could be provided to the newspaper o advertising company.
  5. When you buy a DID phone number, you receive many value added services which allows many call flow scenarios and applications. Please ask for more information…

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