Pinless Dialing Accounts

Honest alternative to phonecards

This is a prepaid international phone account that allows you to make cheaper international calls from any standard phone line or mobile phone. It eliminates the need for using a calling card with a Pin number. It also has no expiration date on the credit and there are no extra charges.

It’s as simple as it is convenient. No internet connection or VOIP equipment needed to make a call. An account can be opened over the phone or via the website registration process, and then paid monthly or on a pay as you go basis by internet transfer, direct debit or cash deposit, or credit card payment.

Individual home accounts, as well as corporate and small business accounts can be opened.

No internet connection or VOIP equipment required

How to make calls:

  1. Dial: your city local access number (Local call cost apply)
  2. System announces your available balance and prompts you to dial the destination number
  3. Dial: Country Code + Area Code + Destination Number + #
  4. To re-try or make additional calls press #

Available, Please contact Us

Please let Us know your location in order to register your regular phone line and provide detailed instructions

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