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The Voice Broadcaster allows to make thousands of phone calls to predefined fixed or mobile destination numbers around the world. Those destinations would listen to a prerecorded audio message or can be connected to an IVR or call center.

Hablaporinternet Voice Broadcaster is great for appointment reminders, for doctors, spas, and other offices, as well as political campaigns and charities.

This Hablaporinternet voice broadcaster is perfect for anyone wanting to leave pre-recorded information with the party that answers the phone. It will also allow the consumer to have the option of pressing a number to speak with your company if they wish to.

Hablaporinternet voice broadcaster is great at leaving massive messages and information while generating live contacts.

Hablaporinternet Voice Broadcaster:

– Completely Hosted: Easy to Setup, deploy and use because it is all hosted. No hardware or software to install. Easiest dialer in the industry.

– Simple Controls: An Easy web form with standard data input format (csv).

– Flexible Options: Completely adjustable Caller ID Number, Caller ID Name, Transfer to number, Live Message, Voice Mail Message, Voice Mail to email, Automated Attendant, etc.

– Easy Billing: Hablaporinternet Service Detailed Records (xDR): Billing is in 60 seconds increments and is easy to read. No hidden fees.

– Quick Setup: Enter you Login, password, Upload List, Press “Connect” and Answer the call backs. It is really that easy to setup & use.

– Customer Support: If you ever need help, our knowledgeable support staff is a phone call away. We also offer, Live Chat, Email and an online Knowledgebase to help you answer any of your questions.

Who can use Hablaporinternet Voice Broadcaster?

For any business, in any industry, looking for a multiple campaign calling platform, using the Web-based voice broadcast dialer system provides a powerful platform to generate thousands of calls to clients and customers.

You can even create customized messages to be delivered to specific individuals.

In addition, a successful voice broadcaster dialer system can help your organization increase sale leads, revenue, and reduces infrastructure costs to your company, and diminishes agent’s manual dialing while driving in new business.


**Certain carriers will not accept the displayed caller id name and Hablaporinternet cannot guarantee the actual information that will be shown on the caller ID, however, all of our Telco providers are premium carriers with full CLI support

*Certain forms of voice broadcasting might be illegal in your area. Please consult a lawyer before purchasing our services.

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The voice broadcaster dialer has been an industry standard for collections, politicians, nonprofit or not for profit companies and sales for many years.

If you run a doctor’s office, a salon, or another business that often requires you to call customers to remind them of their appointments, you should try our Hablaporinternet voice broadcaster by signing up for a free account, and credit your account for at least USD$10.

What charges are there for using the Hablaporinternet Voice Broadcaster?

voip solutions hablaporinternet telephony call centers marketing campaigns
  • All calls to regular fixed and mobile destinations are charged per minute as per the official best quality routes available at https://www.hablaporinternet.com/rates
  • Billing is in 60 seconds increments and xDR are easy to read and understand.
  • No hidden fees.
  • You only pay for what you use.
  • There is a unique monthly fee of USD $ 10 to cover the hosted solution.
  • You could add money to your customer account at any time. From USD$10 or more.
  • Multiple payment options available.

How to get:

1) Order a free voipeador account in 5 minutes. www.hablaporinternet.com/free

2) Add 10 dollars here: www.hablaporinternet.com/pay

3) Contact our Help Center and ask for Voice Broadcaster activation and instructions. Help Center: www.hablaporinternet.com/chaten

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