VOIP Premium Tariffs update: November 06, 2018

Use the search tool: You should know the prefix or destination number including country code, and the system will display the rate per minute to that destination.

Download AZ full rates: Get a zip file with all countries voip rates per minute. After, You could open the .csv file with microsoft excel or similar.

Ask for a plan: Provide information about your current voice traffic and our commercial team will provide a proposal for You by email.

PREMIUM Quality:

–  Routes are 90% direct with CLI. Suggested for Companies or business people who require maximum voice quality and system availability

– Redundant routes for all countries and telcos. Hablaporinternet has got interconnections with central offices in each country. So when there is an issue with a telecommunications company (termination), we would route to another telecommunication company in order to keep a best ASR (Average Success Rate)

– Enjoy Free Technical Support 24×7. Please contact our Experts by email, phone or chats

– We do not use “gray routes” or termination with GSM (SIM-Cards) because Hablaporinternet wants to assure availability and highest voice quality

– Hablaporinternet has got an infrastructure with redundant servers, security tools and licensed telecommunication platforms. So, You will not be worried about outages or service interruptions

– As per default all new voip accounts have PREMIUM routes. You could ask our support team to change to another quality partition in case of price or quality does not cover your needs.

– If you require lower rates, please contact Us and we would look for more routing options for You.

– Hablaporinternet provides a Free VOIPEADOR account so You could make unlimited calls between users and test quality to regular fixed or mobile destinations (by using the free initial credit).

– If you are happy with the service, You could add money to your account by using several payment options like credit cards, paypal, wire transfers, PSE, local payment with cash, etc. The account balance does not have expiration dates, there are not obligations or commitments. It is a “Pay As You Go” system.

– Please ask for information about New Distributor Plan. So you would earn money with each transaction.