Use Your “telefonoatelefono” account to connect two mobile or fixed lines at any country.

You only need internet connection for sending the form data. This call will not waste or use your internet connection.

Login number:
Calling number (include country code):
Called number (include country code):

Please read before to call:

– Use the web callback tool when your internet connection is very slow or unstable or expensive to make a regular voip call.

– You need a special account that we call “telefonoatelefono”. If you are already a Hablaporinternet customer, please ask for a “telefonoatelefono account” by sending a message to .

– If You are not a customer yet, please order a “telefonoatelefono” account HERE!

– Remember the system generates two calls actually so Your account would be charged by 2 costs or 2 call legs. The total communication cost would be the cost of calling to origination number plus the cost to destination number. Please check the current rates here

– When you click on “CALL NOW” button, the system would call the origination number first. When he/she answer the system will call to destination number and connect both calls. After you click on the “CALL NOW” button please wait until 30 seconds for the system call. If You do not receive any call, please check the origination number or login/password data.  Please make sure the phone numbers do not include special characters or spaces; it have to include country code, area code and destination; for example 13057288600.

– If after 3 times You cannot complete the desired call, please DO NOT retry and contact our customer service department HERE!