“VOIPEADOR” is the name that identifies a device, whether software (program) or hardware (equipment), that allows you to make and receive calls using VOIP ( Voice Over Internet Protocol ) technology.

Voice over Internet Protocol, also called Voice over IP, VoIP, is a group of resources that make it possible for the voice signal to travel through the Internet using Internet Protocols.

In a telephone call, the voice signal is sent in digital form, in data packets, instead of sending it in analog form through circuits of telephone networks PSTN (acronym of Public Telephone Network Switched) .

How do I get the account and application for free?

Hablaporinternet.com allows you to order a VOIP account at no cost and add multiple value-added services according to your needs. In order to use this VOIP account you must have an ATA adapter or IP telephone or software (softphone) to make the calls.
Hablaporinternet would send you by email the «softphone» applications for computer, tablet and smartphones (iPhone with iOS or Android).

  • If you want to make calls from a conventional or wireless telephone device, you must have an Analog Telephone Adapter, also called ATA. There are many manufacturers and models of this equipment, for example Cisco SPA112, Sipura, Linksys PAP2T, Grandstream, etc … To configure this equipment, you require a VOIP account, it means a LOGIN, PASSWORD and an IP address (or domain name of the SIP server).

Order Free Voip account and App

  • If you want to make calls from smartphone, you require the MOBYX program, Zoiper or any other softphone that allows you to configure the VOIP account. This program can be searched and downloaded from Play Store or App Store. It works very well on iPhone, iPad, Android, tablets.
    Using the VOIPEADOR account you can do:
    – Free and unlimited calls and text messages between Hablaporinternet users.
    – Free Video and unlimited calls between Hablaporinternet users
    – Calls to fixed or mobile in any country at very low costs. From 1 cent per minute.
    – Sending SMS text messages to conventional mobile phones
    – Automatic call recording service
    – High quality HD voice and video calls
    – Audio conferences – talk to all your