wifi zone or hotspot allows you to earn money by sharing your current broadband internet connection with friends, relatives or neighbors.

The limit is your imagination because there are many wifi router devices in the market. Those devices allow you to propage the wifi signal kilometers distance around the router antenna.

Just think: “where are you potential customers and where can you put a regular broadband internet connection wifi router…”

You could install a small cheap router to have just 10-100 meters wifi zone coverage, or invest in a more powerful router for more distance coverage. Hablaporinternet senior consultants are available to hear your needs or expectations and will suggest solutions in terms of budget, advantages or disadvantages of each option.

As per default, Hablaporinternet only charges you two services:

  1. A wifi router setup fee (billing control config)
  2. A monthly fee (your internet reseller cloud platform)

You could buy the wifi zone router in your local hardware distributor store, or ask hablaporinternet to include in the quotation.